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It’s always a great time when we all get together for training. Many thanks to Sensei Randy Smith for putting this all together.

Video segments from Niseido’s newest Sensei, Rick Schultz! As I watched this test in Louisville this past weekend, I thought to myself that he not only brought honor to the Louisville Dojo, he brought honor to the art of Niseido Ju-jitsu. He will be an asset to the Louisville DoJo for many years to come. Kudos to Sensei Jim Mahanes as well as all the students of the Louisville Dojo for their roll in getting Sensei Rick Schultz over the threshold to Black Belt. He is the first of many black belts to come from The Louisville Dojo.

Sensei Rick Parlante
Naples, FL

What I like about this gal is she actually chased Brandon down. How about that gator roll at the end?



Here’s another short video clip from our Women’s Self Defense Class last Saturday. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, they all did well!

Here’s a short video clip of the ground fighting portion of Saturdays 3 hour women’s self defense / anti abduction seminar. These were a tough group of gals that did an amazing job in those 3 short hours. Their confidence levels rose to a whole new level as they completed the course.

Here are a few video clips from Brandon Smiths Black Belt Test held on Saturday April 16, 2016. At the age of 20 he not only accomplished what he set out to do, he made a pronounce statement! I put one of the highlights early so keep your eye open for it 🙂 We will post the rest of the test in the upcoming weeks.

We had our Church Self Defense Home Group this morning. I think we may have identified the new security team.!

I love how non threatening Lee was until he needed to advance. Notice the calm of mind before and after the strike.

This was Gavyn’s second class with us and although he’s only 12, he has a mind like a sponge. Usually we have new students tying their belts after 2 classes not tossing Uki’s around like he did!