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Here are a few video clips from Brandon Smiths Black Belt Test held on Saturday April 16, 2016. At the age of 20 he not only accomplished what he set out to do, he made a pronounce statement! I put one of the highlights early so keep your eye open for it 🙂 We will post the rest of the test in the upcoming weeks.

We had our end of the year gathering with our club last night at Foxboro Lounge where we announced Daniel Levy as this year’s student of the year. As Prof would put it “He was happier than a possum eating persimmon seeds”. Daniel is a very talented guy who can take his martial arts to whatever level he wants. It will be great watching his journey.DSC01707


This is a repost of the June 20th 2012 announcement that I made when we severed our relationship with Bill Oliver. I have had many calls and emails over the years asking why? We always responded with a “no comment” reply. We’ll now that the news is out I can finally give my formal response:

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Good evening,

As of Tuesday June 19th 2012 we have made a very important decision to sever our relationship with the Naples Aiki Ju Jitsu School / Bill Oliver in Naples Florida. Based on recent and not so recent developments with Naples Aiki Ju Jitsu we have had to make this decision and make it immediatly. It is always unfortunate and difficult to make choices like this, however, as tough as it might be it was a decision that just had to be made.

Sensei Rick Parlante
Sandan – Niseido Ju Jitsu School of Naples

We had our Church Self Defense Home Group this morning. I think we may have identified the new security team.!

This was Gavyn’s second class with us and although he’s only 12, he has a mind like a sponge. Usually we have new students tying their belts after 2 classes not tossing Uki’s around like he did!

Rick Parlante’s Shodan Examination Highlights

Yama Arashi looked so inviting that I had to jump in and deliver a few.

Sensei Rick

We had our first class Saturday morning at the Golden Gate Community Center. The new location looks like it will serve our needs very well. We are looking forward to the future of Niseido JuJitsu here in Naples.

Last night we had a visitor from the Louisville Dojo drop in and train with us. Josh Harmon took a short break from his long awaited vacation with his family to put some time on the mats. We were so glad he came as it always gives everyone an opportunity to exchange tips and techniques. We took advantage of the visit and put an extra hour and a half on the mats. Many thanks to Josh for stopping in as well as to Sensei Jim Mahanes for his great leadership in Louisville. It really showed in Josh.

There’s an old statement that Shihon Jack Morris drilled into me over the years. “No one makes it to Black Belt alone”. Tuesday night was a great example of that! Here you have Josh on vacation with his family taking time to work out at our club. By the same token you have Brandon and Danny who are preparing for their Nikyu and Sankyu tests that proved to be great Uki’s for Josh. All in all it was a great night.

A special thank you to Shihon jack and Renshi Pam Morris for opening their doors to us at The Florida Karate Center.

BTW… I love the new purple color in the belt, I ordered one for Danny!