This is a repost of the June 20th 2012 announcement that I made when we severed our relationship with Bill Oliver. I have had many calls and emails over the years asking why? We always responded with a “no comment” reply. We’ll now that the news is out I can finally give my formal response:

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Good evening,

As of Tuesday June 19th 2012 we have made a very important decision to sever our relationship with the Naples Aiki Ju Jitsu School / Bill Oliver in Naples Florida. Based on recent and not so recent developments with Naples Aiki Ju Jitsu we have had to make this decision and make it immediatly. It is always unfortunate and difficult to make choices like this, however, as tough as it might be it was a decision that just had to be made.

Sensei Rick Parlante
Sandan – Niseido Ju Jitsu School of Naples

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