Never before has it been this affordable for someone to get in shape while learning the defensive Martial Art of Jujitsu. Our program incorporates both Jujitsu and karate disciplines to form a well-balanced self-defense system for kids and adults. Now at block buster pricing! We know times are tough and sometimes people want to start with a friend or family member so we decided to create a New Club Pricing Program.

The only way we are able to pass this kind of pricing to you is because we are a not for profit organization.


Beginning May 1st 2013 our prices are as follows.


Children under 16 years of age will be $79.00 per month.

Adults 16 and older is now $99.00 per month.

Our new family program with 3 or more is now only $149.00 per month. (Immediate family only)


These prices are on a first come first serve basis as there is a limit to class sizes.


Call for more information 239-324-9480
Sensei Rick Parlante


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